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Hélène Moncion

 Advisory Board Member 



French Language Services, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS)

Hélène has over 14 years of OPS experience in providing her best advice in the implementation of French Language Services.  For the last 6 years,  she has been leading a team of professionals in the Education and Community Services Cluster that serves the ministries of Children and Community and Social Services, Seniors and Accessibility, the learning ministries, Education and Colleges and Universities, Municipal Affairs and Housing and Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. 


Hélène also worked as a Bilingual Senior Policy Analyst in the FLS Office of the Ministry of Health where she applied her Francophone lens and provided her best advice to improve the delivery of bilingual services.   


Before joining the OPS, Hélène worked with the federal government for 16 years in career and employment counselling where she assisted unemployed workers to upgrade their skills and successfully reinter the labour market. She also worked as a bilingual consultant to assist Francophone stakeholders throughout the province with team building activities and strategic planning.  


Hélène is very passionate about inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Helene Moncion

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