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Jacqueline Grenon

 Advisory Board Member 


Senior Manager 

Institutional Operational Policy Unit, Ministry of the Solicitor General 

Jacqueline is a Franco-Ontarian, public servant who has served in the OPS since 1988. With an educational background in Criminology and Public Administration, she always worked for the Justice sector in Youth Justice Services (MCYS) and Corrections at the Ministry of the Solicitor General (SOLGEN). Working in this field has provided her with extensive exposure and experience working with some of our most vulnerable populations. She is cognizant of the continuous challenges for those who are disenfranchised, isolated, homeless, or suffering from mental illness and addictions. Her role as a probation and parole officer in her early OPS days really paved the way for her need to bring about change and lead in social justice in a meaningful way.


Jacqueline is currently a Senior Manager with the Ministry of the Solicitor General and has provided leadership in Corrections, for over 20 years, in various positions from local to Regional and Corporate levels in both Northern and Eastern Ontario. She continuously advocates for French Language Services (FLS) rights and representation in the Public Service. She is currently working in operational policy development for institutions related to continuous improvement and correctional reform with a lens on inclusion, diversity, anti-racism, mental health, and human rights. Jacqueline continuously advocates for greater awareness, equity, and fair processes for all, both in her professional and personal life. She leads teams with a positive solution-focused and collaborative approach and promotes cultural competency, professional development, and growth at all levels. She is very excited and proud to be part of the Advisory Committee.

Jacqueline Grenon

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